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Quality Custom Sheds For Every Purpose.

Handcrafted &
Built To Last!

Our sheds are handcrafted and built or installed right in your backyard. Put your shed anywhere you want it and  customize its features to suit your needs. We will even match your house colors for a beautiful custom touch!




My name is Rob, and I am the founder of Yardhouse Sheds. We are a fast-growing, backyard shed company serving  Northern California. We are passionate about providing affordable, high quality solutions, faster and better than anything you will find at the big box stores. Because we are a local company, you won't be dealing with someone in another state if things go wrong.  No waiting months for your shed to arrive, and our delivery method does not require tearing down fences or damaging your yard.  Our backyard sheds are high quality, handcrafted sheds that you design and customize to suit your needs.


If you are looking for a quality built shed for any purpose, give us a call!

I'm looking forward to working 

with you,

Rob Brze


Why Choose
Yardhouse Sheds?

  • Our sheds are built by hand and installed onsite. This means you can put your shed where you want it and access nor yard damage are ever an issue.

  • As a local shed builder, customer service and quality are our highest priorities.

  • You can customize any of our lean to, gable, and gambrel sheds to get exactly what you need.

  • We use the best hand picked materials.

Many of our clients are looking for a Storage Shed, Backyard Office, Home Gym, ADU, Pool House, Studio, Backyard Bar, Golf Cart Garage, Garden Shed, Workshop, Game Room, Teen Space, Guest House or more space for more living.  

Give us a call or request deign help or a free quote.  

You Dream It - We Build It!

What People Are Saying


 They did an awesome job on my new shed.  I thought a handcrafted, customized shed would cost more than ordering a big box store shed, but I was wrong. Also, the quality of the finished product exceeded my expectations and the process was super fast.  5 stars!


Lisa R. - Rocklin, CA


I was amazed that the process was so quick and smooth. These guys know how to  get it done!  Booking my shed was easy, communication was great and the finished shed is high quality.  I'm very glad I went with Yardhouse Sheds!


Clint H. Grass Valley, CA


I looked at having a shed delivered from the home depot, but the time to get the exact shed I wanted was lengthy and access was an issue.  I got a better shed, much faster and my yard was not damaged in the process.  I highly recommend!


Tom R. -  Roseville, CA

REQUEST A QUOTE: 530-268-8001

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