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The Sacramento Shed is Lean-to style with the main entry door on the tallest wall on the longest side of the shed. Windows can be located on the end walls or flanking the main entry door. Depending on the size of your shed you may wish to add additional doors or additional windows to your shed. Add transom windows to the entry door and above the front windows and doors to give this shed a modern studio look. Extend the roof overhang to 12 inches for a more dramatic modern look.


Standard Shed Features:

• 8’ High Wall Standard
• 4” Overhangs
• 18” x 27” Windows
• 24” On Center Framing. Can be upgraded to 16" OC
• 4’ or 5’ Double Door or 3’ Single Door

When you book your shed build, you will be able to tell us what size, style and shed options you would like to add (if any) to customize this shed. Someone will call you within 24 business hours to review your quote. No deposit is required to reserve your shed date.

REQUEST A QUOTE: 530-268-8001

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